Five (Surprising) Facts about Manufactured Homes

Think you know a thing or two about “mobile homes?” Think again! Manufactured homes (“mobile homes” is a actually a misnomer) are the most misunderstood form of housing in the United States. As a result, many people overlook the value, quality, safety — and ease of financing — that make manufactured homes the perfect option for many homeowners.

1. Manufactured Homes Are Not Mobile Homes

The truth is, no builder of manufactured homes has built a “mobile home” in more than 40 years. Back in 1976, Congress passed a law that subjected manufactured homes to a rigid national construction code. As a result, today’s manufactured homes have hardly anything in common with the “mobile homes” in the decades before then. The HUD Code has been upgrades often over the years to ensure improved resistance to storms. And since 1994, manufactured homes have been built according to the same strict standards for fire and wind resistance that apply to site-built homes.

2. Manufactured Homes May Increase in Value

While many people have the misconception that manufactured homes are depreciating assets, like most automobiles, the truth is that manufactured homes may appreciate just as site-built homes do. They’re subject to the same law of supply and demand, location, and local market conditions. As with any other form of property, location matters most. (Which is why Sweetwater Oaks is such an attractive place to live!)

3. Manufactured Homes Perform As Well (or Better) in Wind and Storms

When the 1994 HUD Code mandated storm resistance standards, it ensured that manufactured homes were to withstand storm events with the same performance as site-built homes. When you see images of destruction after hurricanes and storms, most of what you see are from true “mobile homes” not manufactured homes.

4. Manufactured Homes are Built to Safety Standards that Often Surpass Site-Built Homes

Did you know that the HUD Code imposes stricter fire and and safety standards on manufactured housing than the IRC Code sets for traditional, site-built housing? Most people don’t!  A study by Foremost Insurance Company demonstrated that manufactured homes were in fact less likely to catch fire than site built homes!

5. Manufactured Homes Can Be Financed More Easily Than Most Realize

Many lenders specialize in providing mortgages just for manufactured housing, including a new purchase, construction or home and land package. Manufactured homes on private property may be financed as chattel or personal property loans, which may be more expensive than mortgage loans but easier to obtain.

Manufactured homes on land owned by the buyer and installed on a foundation are considered real estate and qualify for mortgages with FHA, VA, and USDA just like site-built homes.

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5 October Activities You’ll Only Find in Ocala

As the weather settles down and cools off, you’ll want to mark your calendar for some of the unique activities you’ll only find in Ocala this October. There’s a lot going on, but here’s a sampling of a few of the events that are truly unique to our area. And they’re all just a few minute’s drive from the Sweetwater Oaks Mobile Home Community:

Ocala Pumpkin Run Car Show & Festival (October 27 to 29)

This three-day event is much more than a car and truck show. It’s a festival for friends and family in the lovely setting of Castro Farms. There are amazing classic cars, of course, but also competitions including motocross and BMX exhibitions, world-champion disc dogs, ‘chainsaw chix,’ drone racing and even a wine tasting from central Florida’s very own Island Grove Winery. There’s also free kids activities, live music, food and more. Check out their website for details. 

First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Ocala (September – May)

Historic downtown Ocala comes alive with art, music and food every First Friday from September to May. The monthly event includes 15 city blocks of the attractive downtown area, with artists of all kinds sharing their work. Come and enjoy dinner and music on the square and stroll through displays and booths featuring the best local talent. Get more info here. 

Go Spelunking in Ocala’s Wild Caves (October 7)

Florida’s unique geology includes a network of caves, many of which are the source of our wonderful freshwater springs. Opportunities for dry caving are relatively limited by comparison. But right here in Ocala, at the Brick City Adventure Park, there is a cave system open to guided exploration. The next caving experience is October 7 at 9 a.m. All caving gear is provided, and ages 8 to adult are welcome. Participants should wear long pants, sturdy footwear and gloves. Cost is $25 per person. Click for details.

Bluegrass Music at Silver River State Park (October 15)

Come get your fill of old-timey bluegrass music at Silver River State Park. The event includes local musicians as well as out of towners. You’re even welcome to bring your own instrument and join in the fun! Pickin’ in the Park is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of Silver Springs with a foot-tapping soundtrack to go with it. Click for details.

Hike the Landbridge on the Cross Florida Greenway (October 17)

An abandoned attempt to create a coast-to-coast canal across the state of Florida is now one of the area’s unique recreation areas, including mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking. Enjoy a scenic section of this trail that crosses I-75 as a ‘land bridge’ in a guided interpretive nature walk on October 17. The walk takes up to 3 hours and the group will meet at the Brick City Adventure Park to travel together to the trailhead. The cost is $2 per person and transportation is available. Here’s more info. 

10 Reasons to Make Sweetwater Oaks Home!


Sweetwater Oaks isn’t just a mobile home park. It’s home! Our 55+ community is conveniently located in Ocala, Florida and offers a host of amenities that make it an attractive and affordable place to retire. (Check our mobile homes for sale page to see the latest listings.) In fact, here are 10 great reasons to make Sweetwater home:

  1. Gated Community. Sweetwater Oaks is a gated community, and we take our residents’ privacy seriously.
  2. Privately Owned. At Sweetwater, you’re treated like a welcomed guest rather than a number. And our lot rents are affordable.
  3. An Active Community.  Check out our Facebook page to see the latest events and activities that make our community a fun place to call home!
  4. Free On-Site RV and Boat Storage. Looking forward to all of the outdoor recreation activities in central Florida? You won’t have to pay extra for costly boat and RV storage. We include it at no charge, so you’re always ready to enjoy your next adventure!
  5. Community Pool. The inviting Florida sunshine and moderate climate is so inviting you’ll want to enjoy our beautiful community pool year round. Make your friends up north envy as you enjoy a winter swim!
  6. Community Center. A variety of clubs and activities bring friends together at Sweetwater Oaks. Our community center is home to many clubs, including a photography club, card clubs, computer clubs, yoga and fitness groups, trivia club, dining club and more. We also offer group excursions and outings on a regular basis.
  7. Newer Model Homes. Our mobile homes for sale are affordable, but you won’t have to skimp. We feature contemporary models that will make you happy to call Sweetwater home.
  8.  No Single Wides. Our community consists only of doublewide and triplewide mobile homes in an attractive setting  you’ll be proud to call home.
  9. Underground Utilities. Enjoy the attractive trees and beautiful Florida skies without unsightly overhead utilities. At Sweetwater, we take pride in the appearance of our community.
  10. Activities. As an active adult community, there’s always plenty to do at Sweetwater Oaks. Enjoy swimming, basketball or shuffleboard. Or join some friends for an excursion to nearby attractions and outdoor activities.

Want to learn more? Click to contact us and like us on Facebook to keep in touch.